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I love Moriarty << almost as much as sherlock (almost was the key word in that sentence.) But yes mind blown

A Guide To Deduction: #9 When a person is crying silently, it is something they won't talk about. When they are crying aloud, they want attention.


My mind is officially blown…

Hang on... Holmes is spock's ancestor? Distantly related or direct descendent? Did sherlock manage to impregnate someone? Cos that would be newsworthy. Geeks everywhere need to know HOW.

Pretty amusing... the two Sherlocks of our generation are actually Marvel superheroes xD<<

"MARTIN FREEMAN OH MY GOD!!!!!! i LOVE that he knows about the otter and the hedgehog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does he feel knowing millions of people think he's a hedgehog...? Well according to Amanda Abbington, he laughs, he cries, and he curls up into a spiky ball for winter." <---This just made my day and I am prone to believe it. haha. ;} <--- pinning for the comments brb dying loooool

Oh, God. That's horrible. 14 lbs= 1 stone D": I never knew the exact weight because I'm a stupid American. Wow ;_;

YES! And Lestrade then did his absolute best to make sure that Sherlock NEVER found out about it.