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This worksheet allows students to compose their own Mi, Re, Do melody to the following poem: Snow falls down to the ground Swirling, twirling, softly down without a sound. It is a Smart Notebook download, so that you can demonstrate using the SmartBoard, but also print it off as a worksheet.

I am so playing this!!! It should be, "Sing, or Act" or "Sing or Improvise" OR "Sing or Dance?" OMGG hours of enjoyment at sleepovers!

SA-weeeeeeeeet! Boy friendly vocal warm-up. Ashley Delaney, Choir Vocal Warm-Ups, "Where the Wild Things Are" - YouTube

Choir Game ideas...I like the silent scales with sound on a signal. Good idea to keep kids attentive and work on their inner ears.

The Cup Song - Unlocking the Magic of Chording and Rhythm

MUSIC BLOG POST - The Cup Song - Unlocking the Magic of Chording and Rhythm

Marching Band Show... and then band camp later the song wont get out of your head till next year

Follow the link for a couple of really good Orff activites, free from Teachers Notebook. Hello songs and activities to get class started are too important for words. Kids don't come to music to sit quietly!

Learning Intervals? List of songs for each interval, ascending and descending! Easy chart generation too!