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Amazing. Casa Batlló, is a building restored by Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol, built in the year 1877 and remodeled in the years 1904-1906.

“Veiled truth” is one of the masterpieces of Venetian sculptor Antonio Corradini (1688-1752), which he created for Naples’ Cap... | "inspiration" by antonio mora (Spain) -

Antonio Bernardo - entrenous by LE NOEUD

Baba by ~Artema When Darim can’t sleep, Maria packs him off with Altaïr for a run around Masyaf.

Antonio Canova (Italian, 1757-1822), Tomb of Maria Christina of Austria, 1798-1805. Augustinerkirche (St. Augustine’s Church), Vienna

L'Artiste Espagnol Antonio Mora est passé maître dans la création de Portraits oniriques où il introduit des Paysages dans des visages humains.

Cenotaph for Marie Christine of Austria by Antonio Canova, 1805, at Augustinerkirche, Vienna, 2006 // By Suzanna at flickr