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Sachsens Innenminister prüft den Einsatz gegen den fremdenfeindlichen Mob in Clausnitz. Die Polizei verweist auf provozierende Gesten der Flüchtlinge im Bus. Das Vorgehen sei verhältnismäßig gewesen Grölende Menge stoppt Flüchtlings-Bus

Germany's arms exports rise to 7.5 billion euros German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel promised more restrictive export licensing, particularly of light arms. But DW's Naomi Conrad reports on a record volume of sales.A man holds a G36 gun (Foto: Martin Rickett/PA)

Chinese Government Gets Sick Of Islamic Violence, Take 13 Muslim Jihadists And Execute All Of Them

Austria has reversed its asylum policy: The nation has opted for a strict cap on refugees, barbed-wire fences and isolation instead of welcome culture. What would happen if Germany were to close its borders?

Merkel unmoved by refugee crisis criticism Germany will stick to its multifaceted response to Europe's refugee crisis, including aid delivered via Turkey, Chancellor Angela Merkel has told parliament. She's also backed the idea of a no-fly zone in northern Syria. Berlin Regierungserklärung Angela Merkel im Bundestag

Thousands of demonstrators in Dresden come out to protest against the influx of refugees into Germany.

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Australien wehrt sich mit fragwürdiger Kampagne gegen Flüchtlinge - Video - Video

Australiens Anti-Flüchtlingspolitik ist seit jeher radikal – eine neue Kampagne zeigt nun jedoch besonders eindrücklich, wie energisch das Land die Problematik angeht. Die Aussage ist eindeutig: Ihr habt keine Chance, hier einzuwandern.

European toilets a mystery to many refugees Refugees often find European toilets mystifying. Pictograms and instructions in Arabic don't always have the desired effect - but help is on the way in the form of a novel kind of toilet for all. Global Fliegenschmidt - combination western-style/squat toilet