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30 Days Of Forever- Day 20 - Favorite Chapter - In Breaking Dawn, First Book Bella, 6. Distractions. There everything seems to be alright and it seems to be fabulous.

June 30, 1983: Princess Diana accompanied Prince Charles to a Degree Ceremony where Prince Charles receives an honorary Doctor of Law Degree at the University of Alberta. (Day 17)

30 Day Disney Challenge

Disney+Prince+Adam | lots of the other princes ride in towards the end to deliver the happy ...

Divergent 30 Day Challenge - Day 7 Your Favorite Friendship: Tris, Will, and Christina I love the three of them together. The fact that they are all from different factions and have trouble understanding and trusting each other at first. And then they are so funny together. And then Will and Christina are together and it is totally cute, but Tris is okay because her and Tobias are amazing. And then the book ends, and YAY OMG happy ending!

CURRENT GOAL: ADD 1 MOREFRIEND (4/5) Victoria Goodwin shared a photo to the group Senior Dogs in Kill Shelters Needing Rescue. 2 hrs · BEYOND URGENT!!! PTS AT ANY TIME!!! Clarkesville, GA; Terrified, Senior Terrier X, Mostly Blind **CODE RED** PLEASE HELP!!! TIME CRITICAL!!! Please help this precious little girl find a new forever home or rescue NOW before it is too late!!! Please!!! Do not let her die afraid and alone in a shelter!!! Sight is not a dog’s primary sense and anyone who has…