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Fallout 4 Gameplay Trailer Released #8thgenconsole #Bethesda #E3 #Fallout4 #nextgenConsole #PS4 #XboxOne

After a year since its initial release, ‘Ib’, the freeware RPG Maker-developed 2D horror-adventure game, has released its ‘definitive’ version with no future plans for development. Description from I searched for this on

There will be a range of abilities to use in Eitr, this one is called Snowflake Guard. It requires timing and precision to master, however when used effectively it can be devastating to enemies.

George? Winston? Archibald? Armstrong? Mr T? Apollo Creed? Whatever shall we name our puppy (when we get one lol)?

Balloon Fight (バルーンファイト Barūn Faito?) is a 1984 video game developed by Nintendo. The arcade version (Nintendo VS. system) was released in 1984 and the Nintendo Entertainment System version was released in 1986. The gameplay is similar to the arcade game Joust by Williams Electronics.

The day God made Scotties, he just sat down and laughed with joy!

"Pudding" is a resident Fox at the National Fox Welfare Society, as he's too friendly to be released back to the wild.