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Les verbes au passé simple: des verbes réguliers  The passé simple is a tense that replaces the passé composé in literary writing (articles, books etc.). You will probably not have to conjugate this tense yourself very often, but it is important to recognise it for when you read literature.  NB: I’ve included “oir/oire” as a category, as this is a common pattern. Same goes for verbs that conjugate to the last letter ‘u’ for the past participle e.g. connaître ...

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Fox Apron Tutorial and Pattern

FREE pattern and instructions to make this adorable Fox Apron.

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Marshmallow Ice Cream

Allow me to introduce to you the creamiest, yummiest and quite simple – Marshmallow Ice Cream. This ice cream has a sweet, subtle marshmallow flavor that is as simple as vanilla ice cream but sweeter, richer & just simply amazing. You’ll love it just as it, or as a great base to add mix-ins too! …

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50 Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas

nice 50 Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas | Art and Design

simple as this jake bugg lyrics

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Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel Recipe (This easy creme caramel recipe, similar to flan in its delicate texture, is as simple as it is sophisticated.)

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Cinnamon Roll Cocktail

This cinnamon roll cocktail has just two simple ingredients of RumChata and Kahlua and tastes as good as a cinnamon roll.

"I don't get the hate towards vegetarians. I eat meat. You don't eat meat. It's as simple as that."

i like how this drawing is very simple, but it is still identifiable as a robin. I think something as simple as this would work well with the cardboard cut out birds.