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Green is the color of Nature and rejuvenation. Burning a green candle stimulates finances, brings good fortune, prosperity, luck & success! It's magic is renewal and balance. It can also be used to counteract greed & jealousy.

Oak - Duir Ogham letter D Ruler of the 7th Lunar Month 10th June - 7th July Powers: Protection, Health, Inner Strength, Money, Healing, Potency, Luck.

Celtic Mistletoe Lore: Five days after the first new moon following the winter solstice, Druid priests cut mistletoe with a silver sickle from a special oak tree and had to catch the mistletoe before it hit ground. The plant was distributed among the people to hang over their doors for protection against evil in the coming year. ☾ ✯☽cj

Solstice means ‘sun stand still'. Christians celebrate the birth of Christ this time of year & Yule is connected to the joy at the birth of the Sun God, child of the Goddess. It's a celebration of rebirth. It's a turning point in the year, when the days become longer & the darkness of winter is overcome. It's easy to understand why our ancestors held Solstice in such reverence. Their lives were governed by the sun, & the promise of its return would, of course, be sacred.

DIVINATION, Black and White: Spend a few minutes gathering stones. Half should be dark and half of a lighter color. Place them on the ground before you. Ask your question or keep it in mind. Close your eyes and jumble the stones around for a few seconds; then, with your left or receptive hand, remove one of the stones. If you picked a dark stone, the answer is yes or the prospects favorable. If light, no.

A feather is a gift from the spirit world. If you see one, undamaged by the elements, pick it up. You will be blessed that day through.

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