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'Lost' portrait of Anne of Cleves? Portrait of Anne of Cleves, fourth queen consort of Henry VIII, attributed to the circle of Barthel Bruyn. Oil on vellum

Anne of Kiev.Queen of France. Anne of Kiev (born Anna Yaroslavna, also called Agnes; c. 1030 – 1075) was the Ruthenian queen consort of Henry I of France from 1051 to 1060, and regent for her son, Philip I of France.

Anne of Kiev (b.1024-d.1075) was the Queen Consort of France as the wife of Henry I. In recognition of her abilities, Anne of Kiev was appointed as co-regent for her young son Philip, eventually Philip I in 1060 by her husband, along with Baldwin V, Count of Flanders. PICTURE: Statue of Anne of Kiev in Senlis, France.

Margaret of Provence, Queen of France. She was a sister to Eleanor of Provence, Queen of England, as consort to Henry III.

Anne of Kiev (or Anna Yaroslavna) (between 1024 and 1032–1075) was the queen consort of France as the wife of Henry I, and regent for her son Philip I. Her parents were Yaroslav I the Wise and princess Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden. - Ancestor

Anne of Kiev 1024 - 1075 Wife of Henri I of France called the "mother" of European royalty because almost all royals trace their lineage back to her. Ancestor