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Buty męskie V6857 White Noise SS13


rip @ me << when he flips up his hand the lights just beam at him haha

So Frank and his band had a really bad vehicle accident today. He seems to be the most stable one. One got to hospital by ambulance, the other by helicopter. I send much love to everyone who was affected and I hope everything's going to be ok.

he's soooo not used to being on his own, so used to looking behind his back, that he doesn't know what to do. So he's like hell i'm gonna buy some plums

i hope theyre ok

i hope theyre ok

he keeps everything important to him near his bed so I wouldn't be surprised

I was on stage just practicing before one of our concerts when frank was chasing his kids around the stage I was laughing having fun but then I fall to the ground and cover my ears as I hear a high pitched noise I start crying frank and his kids run over to help me I dont know who is doing this to me