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I'm sorry I stabbed you. I'm sorry I tore out your heart and blamed you for watching. I'm sorry i crushed your spirit and your belief in love and everything you once held dear

this happens in the au with less trauma and more fluff, and bucky’s still a lady/mankiller

*Maury voice* We asked you, 'Are you a fxckboy? The lie detector determined.THAT WAS A LIE.

Most people enjoy my company but that one bitter person will always spread nasty rumors and influence others opinions on you

"Am i a bad person? I look up at Luca as she blankly stares into the fire.

Creating Worlds Writing Camp: Challenge Three. Blue Eyes, Gray, Eyes. {With Random Fridays and The Christmas Challenge.}

Creating Worlds Writing Camp: Challenge Three

I am the MONSTER you created

"But it is true that I am a wretch. I have murdered the lovely and the helpless." I know what I am, exactly what everyone tells me I am. I hurt those that cannot defend themselves. I am true evil. and I accept this.