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The only time being annoying actually saved the world. Dormamu, I've come to bargain. Doctor Strange.

Marvel Captain America - Steve telling off the reporters. I love Sam and Bucky cracking up!

Lol. 'You had me at Star-Lord' (btw is this real or fake? Like am I pinning an unintentional spoiler???)

When this happened in the movie I leaned over to my dad and was like, "I was waiting for that!" and he was like "you knew that was coming?" and I was like "uhhh yeah I watched the trailer like 17 times"

Lol - many of these are Photoshopped. Not Downey, though - he wears his Iron Man shirts proudly and often!

Steve Rogers quits being Captain America, and then the real America dies. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

You Have All The Superpowers... #lol #haha #funny