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And imagine sam making sure not to annoy or fight with bucky, then helping comfort him, and eventually they become best friends

BATMAN - A1092571 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/10/16***BATMAN NEEDS HIS OWN SUPERHERO! Batman is a two year old terrific tux who would LOVE to go home with YOU! Batman was sadly surrendered due to “too many pets.” He is a kind, gentle, low maintenance fella who liked to follow his owner around. Please help write a happy ending to this sad “tail” and be Batman’s super hero by offering to foster or adopt. Transportation is available. Emai

Mostly I just love the fact that Luke Cage is a pretty intimidating guy; he's about seven feet tall, built like a quarterback, but he's just about the most respectful, kind person in the MCU, except maybe Steve and Bruce.

Wolverine 3 gets a new title and could he be holding X-23’s hand?

This always got me. Because, in one way or another, I always felt like this was Bucky saying: "I know I won't be forgiven, and I know this guilt will chase me for ever. So kill me, it will be faster."

yes, I know it’s you; and that is what we will come to, sooner or later, when it’s even darker than It is now, when the snow is colder, when it’s darkest and coldest and candles are no longer any use to us and the visibility is zero: Yes. It’s still you. It’s still you. #captainamerica

Nick Fury has got his arm around Natasha like she's the mother of his child and Tony Stak is that child and they've just heard the news about what Tony did at school today and they don't know how to best discipline him or how they managed to raise such a failure of a child. {Is that not the plot of Iron Man 2?}

spectralarchers: “ heyheyhaley17: “ He’s totally badass– with no real “super” human abilities like Captain America and Thor or “super gear” like Falcon and Iron Man And his sass is undeniablly one of...

Superhero Birthday Party Spiderweb Game: Create a web with point values on the floor with tape and have children toss a bean bag. I got the idea from another pinner who said to use electrical tape, but I opted for painter's tape instead because it will not leave a residue on carpet or tile when it is pulled up (see my Kid Fun board for original pin).