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gimmeallyoresidualz: “ lostwednesdays: “ Guys who think periods are nbd are my favorite guys. Also: ” He’s my hero ”

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Women Do Not Need to Be Polite (Live Life Happy)

Yes! I hate when a guy I've already told that I'm married keeps asking me out. It's rude and the answer is still no. I have to have this convo all the time. It's ridiculous and usually the same dudes every time. I've stopped being polite about it.

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14 Charts For Anyone Who's Ever Had A Period

You: *thinks period is done and goes tampon-free* Your period: "Surprise, bitch."..

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17 Celebrities Who Have The Right Idea About Feminism

Try actually learning about it instead of stereotyping the shit out of it. I used to think the same close-minded, ignorant way about feminism because that's what was impressed upon me growing up by my father. Whether on- purpose or no.

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29 Celebrities Who Will Actually Make You Feel Good About Your Body

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12 Powerful And Inspiring Quotes From Malala Yousafzai

Yesterday was international women's day! To every women on this earth, we salute you today and everyday. Strong women still stand fierce among us. A strong women is my mother, my grandmother, my au...