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"Mainstream Media" Time Scavenger EP lyric video

from Mad World News

Thug Allowed To Beat Defenseless Cop Nearly To Death For Horrid Reason

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Even mainstream media now talks about the certainty of a resource-depleted future. Prepare for a lower-energy world today.

prev.pinner:There are those who are being affected throughout the U.S. and the world by weather and other natural phenomenon so great that the media must report on these things despite being told to do otherwise.

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars A former traveling chef for Bill and Hillary Clinton says that Hillary used to scrawl hand-written notes that referred to black people as “n***ers”. Tracey Martin, who worked for the Clintons during their first administration, has overseen culinary events for numerous world leaders, including Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl and President and Mrs. George H. W. Bush. In an interview with Alex Jones, Martin expanded on claims he first made during an…

Not so strange, when you realize that there is no 'free' press in the country, and very few left in the world, either.


African-American blazing a trail through chess

At a small chess tournament in New York this week, 17 Rochelle Ballantyne moved closer to her goal of becoming the first female African-American chess master in history.

The Most Disturbing Video on the Islamic Invasion of Europe You'll Ever See - YouTube

Donald Trump Exposes Obama’s Secret War On Christianity Published on Sep 21, 2015 Alex Jones Show, we look into how the mainstream media is attacking Trump for not defending Barack Obama, as if it's Trump's job to do so. We also look into Ben Carson's comment on whether a Muslim should be president. Similarly, we examine the hypocrisy of Carly Fiorina and the war on Christians which is intensifying as anti-Christian hatred sweeps through the U.S.

Eagle divine spirit of the wind soaring between the heavens and the earth. You are a mysterious and magical connection between the spiritual and material world rising above so free and fearless guiding us with power and grace toward our own higher truths. Spirit Of The Wind prose by Carol Cavalaris