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from RedFlag News

Yahoo News Columnist Wants Schools to Indoctrinate Kids to Trust Mainstream Media

"There is so much light coming into the planet right now that the shift is happening. It certainly isn’t being perceived by the average person and certainly isn’t being reported by the mainstream media. However, you can feel the interconnectedness of people and the awareness that is growing throughout the world. It is a beautiful thing and creates a wonderful sense of hope that the darkness we have been living with will soon be dissipated." Ted Murray

from The Huffington Post

The Big Problem With Mainstream Media and Body Image

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Watch video...Obama: America Founded By Muslims Who Unlocked Secrets of the Universe...Really??..You didn't see this on mainstream media....Maybe being an American Muslim is because they have been converted by the ones who came here...just saying

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11 Tactics Used by the Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy - We are being lied to and manipulated. Sadly, it's working. ~ ad