Obscure color words

Obscure color names. Can be used for character names. or just make a character based on that color

What Is The Difference Between "Showing" & "Telling"? Here's some examples to help you!

“What's The Difference Between Telling, Showing, & Showing That's Hobbled By Telling?

Die Sache mit dem Augenkontakt ist schon so eine Sache ...  #Gefühlschaos

Educational infographic & data visualisation Psychology : Romantic Eye Contact The Most Flirtatious Form of Body Language Infographic Description Psy

I swear I'm a writer not a murder

Fighting Reference - various weak points I'm not a psycho, I'm a writer. assuming there is a difference.🔜if I'm choreographing a fight scene I need to know this stuff ok?


Stages of Grief - Writing resource; love the ending to the bell curve to continue Ross's theme

Latin phrases everyone should know

TEACH for great vocabulary fun and need to know for everyday life, reading extension, etc. Let students create more; create a Latin Phrase Book/Foldable.Listen for phrases and keep track of what we hear or read daily!