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Thieves - Stress Away - Valor - Essential Oils. Calming, relaxing, headache relief and a million more reasons why these are my favorite 3. Click on the pic to discover more wonderfully essential oils. Benefits of Valor essential oil, thieves essential oil, stress away essential oil

Holiday Joy and Peppermint Oil diffuser blend - purchase oils at

Benefits of Ylang Ylang essential oil. Ylang ylang is extremely effective in calming and bringing about a sense of relaxation, and it may help with releasing feelings of anger, tension, and nervous irritability. It has a long history in skin and hair care products, particularly in Asia, where it is used to promote luxuriant hair. Young Living

Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil. Vetiver oil is psychologically grounding, calming, and stabilizing. Young Living Essential Oils

A powerful essential oil that empowers you to replace negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts, changing your overall attitude, emotions, and behavior. Benefits of Transformation Essential Oil

Essential Oils for Nasal Support - this guide will clearly walk you through the benefits of essential oils

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Donna Karan: 10 Things Every Woman Should Have

Donna Karan: 10 Things Every Woman Should Have: shopping:

Benefits of Wintergreen essential oil. Young Living. Analgesic Anti-inflammatory Anti-rheumatic Antiseptic Antispasmodic Disinfectant Diuretic Stimulant (bone) Warming