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Spire hologram on black from Killzone: Shadow Fall by Ryan Cashman.


feng_guo_01_zps2zkuf463.jpg Photo by kascinoh5 | Photobucket

nasa warp drive 2014 | This is NASA s new concept spaceship for warp drive interstellar ...

Thomas Struth, Tokamak Asdex Upgrade Interior 2 Max Plack IPP, Garching, 2009

fantasy-art-engine: The Beachhead by AJ Trahan

A new ion rocket engine could cut months off a manned trip to Mars and save hundreds of billion dollars.

Revolutionary Rocket: Earth to Mars in 39 days

NASA Selects Companies to Develop Super-Fast Deep Space Engine NASA announced it will partner with a variety of companies in new attempts to create more advanced space technology - including a new engine that could get humans to Mars in less than 40 days.Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR), is an electromagnetic thruster for the propulsion of a spacecraft. It employs radio waves and magnetic fields to ionize and heat a propellant to generate a thrust for lift off.