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1.16 "Outlaws" – Kate was there to witness the moment when Sawyer let escape the boar he'd gone into the jungle to hunt. She didn't know exactly what she was seeing when it happened, had no idea yet of the thing that was haunting Sawyer, but she could not look away.

1.16 “Outlaws” – Kate has found the boar’s wallow, and some scored tree bark from its tusks. They’re close. Once they stop talking (!), they can hear the litter of piglets just a few feet away. (Seriously, if you’re tracking or stalking ANYthing, animal or human, the first rule is to do so quietly!)

1.16 “Outlaws” – KATE: That makes absolutely no sense. SAWYER: Learn by example. I never kissed a man. Now you drink, ‘cause you’ve kissed a man. [Kate drinks.] Your turn. KATE: I never implied that I’ve been to college when I never have. [Sawyer drinks.] SAWYER: I never been to Disneyland. [Kate doesn’t drink.] SAWYER: Aw, that’s just sad!

1.16 “Outlaws” – KATE: Did you get all the guns back? JACK: All except one. KATE: Who? JACK: I’m gonna give you three guesses. KATE: Sawyer. I can get it back. JACK: Really? How you gonna do that? KATE: Speak his language. JACK: You’ve done this before, Kate. And if I remember it right, you made out with him, and he never even had what you said you could get. KATE: Well, I only made out with him because torturing him didn’t work.

1.16 “Outlaws” – KATE: Thanks for the loaner [gun]. JACK: Always a pleasure. KATE: So, was anyone curious where they came from? JACK: The others knew there was a Marshal on the plane. I guess they just assumed he was traveling alone, protecting them from terrorists. Sounds like a good theory to me.

I hated Kate in season three. Robin just lost Marian and she was trying to get him to like her. Come on give him time to grieve.

1.16 "Outlaws" – The reason the key is not around Jack’s neck is that he just had the Halliburton case opened up, so that the guns could be safely put away. All except one, and Sawyer has it.