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the sole reason i came to see you was to assure myself that our bond was broken, that there was nothing left to fight for...oh silly me. our eyes locked and all the clichés       rolled into one and hit me simultaneously: time stood still, i froze and i fell in love with you all over again

"Real connections live on forever" - Victoria Erickson."this is dedicated to my soul mate.my twin soul"

AMEN!!!!!! You have to struggle...that separates those who will always he with you from those who will quickly walk away.

where there is no struggle there is no strength - great quote idea for new tat

Fuck Yeah Existentialism | fuck-yeah-existentialism

Sometimes you may not think I'm trying but I actually am. I'm trying so hard and if you'd just have some faith in me then I'd do so much better and it'd be easier for me to live up to your expectations.