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Selective Literalism

Religion, It's in the Bible, Science, Poverty, Starvation, Cherry Picking. Let me get this straight... You say you take the Bible literally enough to reject what almost all scientists say... but you don't take it literally enough to FEED THE POOR?!

terry on

If religion were the key to morality, then mega-churches would look more like charities and less like million dollar businesses.

Facebook Agrees to Censor Images of Muhammad to Comply with Turkish Law

Religous Freedom Means All Heil The Religious Reich - Godless Mom(Mostly pinned for the hilarious collection of links on the "religion of sex" in the middle haha)

Protesting Christians Say Kotex Holiday Tampons “Too Secular”

“We believe this seasonal but understated design will inspire women of all faiths, and no faith, to put our products inside their vaginas.”

"Jesus will give you the morals you need to survive." Next Christard says, "Can we start killing them all now? Few groups are filled with more hatred than atheists." ::::roflmfao::::

American Humanist Association sues teacher who prayed for sick student

American Humanist Association sues teacher who prayed for sick student. *Sheesh. Talk about control freaks.*