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That awkward moment when you're actually telling the truth but you laugh during it and everybody thinks you're lying

KPOP Fans Can Relate #771: So have done this when I was learning some Korean kekeke :P

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Teenager Post 101 - 200

more like when you sing a song you haven't listened to since you were really young and all of a sudden the lyrics just flow out of your mouth like no problem

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33 Funny Pics for Your Monday

Funny (yep) More

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31 Days to Shine: The Best Medicine

Quite possibly the most accurate pin I've seen today!

Funny Pic Dump (9.2.16) –

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100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (21)

my mother is still young and full of life, despite her age, and still looks young as well.. but this is still such a rarely realized aspect of reality...

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Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Teenager Posts Of The Week! (2/16/14)

HAHAHAHA! I had to! All you parents or caretakers out there I know you feel me. When I work with families my biggest piece of advice is DON'T fall into the argument trap. If you are ever explaining defending or making excuses just STOP. It's no longer a productive conversation. Your ego has gotten in the way. Excuse yourself cool off and set a time to continue the discussion when you are in control of yourself. #toddler #family #parent #parenting #wisdom #faith #surrender #egoless #coach…