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In the world of GIS, another term for the property of connectivity is: A. Proximity B. Neighborhood C. Topology D. Boolean identity E. Location #GIS

What is ADCN? AsiaDigiCoin (ADCN) is a CryptoCurrency which is also known as Digital Currency. Digital Currency is the currency which is produced digitally, stored digitally and transferred digital…

Which of the following should be replaced with a question mark in the figure shown below? A.SMTP B. HTTP C. SIP D. None of the mentioned #Communications #Networks

What connector is used for Ethernet networks? A. MV 82 B. OS 2.0 C. RJ 45 #Ethernet #Network

Which CPU mode according to you is given the top precedence? A. Back End Mode B. User Mode C. System Mode D. Communication Mode #OperatingSystem

In order to maintain the consistency during transactions, database provides A) Commit B) Atomic C) Flashback D) Retain #DataBase #Consistency

Which of the following is a man-in-the-middle type of service? A.CaaS B. IaaS C. AaaS D. All of the mentioned ‪#‎CloudComputing‬ ‪#‎CloudRedefined‬

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