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Captain America: Civil War---- Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE Black Panther!!!

Tony and Steve were never friends. Tony was only an ally with Cap. Then tony destroyed that with his anger and inability to forgive Bucky for something he had no control over.

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Clint Barton , for the few lines that he's got, has more personality in Captain America : Civil War than the other films hes been in

21 Marvel Jokes That Are Just Too Damn Funny

SERIOUSLY THOUGH. Remember a wonderful chick named Peggy? Oh yeah, you probably do. But her niece is hot, so you can forget about your true love and smooch the niece cuz why not.

I love that, in spite of everything, Tony and Rhodey's relationship is still intact. Rhodey doesn't regret his choice in Civil War and somehow still manages to tease Tony. They were a beautiful parallel of Bucky and Steve, of what they were, what they would give up, and who they would become.

I SAW IT TODAY...ANGCUYTSNHYBUYT. It was the best piece of filmatoghraphy I have seen in a long time...