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The 25 Most WTF Episodes Of "Supernatural"

I love how Deans looking up like "Nope, this isn't happening" // the most awkward kiss on the show, and it was with his wife <----- THAT COMMENT!<<< Imagine the out takes for if Dean and Cas were to kiss, Sam's reaction would be ten times better than this

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You asked for it.. you got it (39 photos)

Fun Fact: "You know who does that? No-talent douche bags!" and "It’s, ‘Oh, plane crashed here.’ Oh shut up!” were improvised by Jensen He is the best "who wear sunglasses inside...blind people and douchebags"


Renee on

1x09 "Home" Now, you can pretty much bet that the boys have heard the story of Mary's death from John repeatedly. But Sam not knowing that Dean carried him out means that John stopped before he got to that part or skipped it. Think about what that says about John's character and about his perception of Dean. He could have USAC that to reinforce that Dean is and always has been a hero, but instead he made it all about his own pain - again...