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your husband should ALWAYS come first before your kids, your parents, friends, work, etc. He is second ONLY to God. Your kids will grow up and leave you for their wife/husband, and you'll fall behind them...your spouse is with you "till death do us part". Keep your priorities in check & you will live happily ever after! :)

I did all this for you and more and you said i was the only one that could love and care for you like you needed and your right........ This you will find out.....Amanda Marie Burrows (Mandy)

6 Phrases More Important Than 'I Love You'

I always tell her how greatful I am that God chose me to mother her. Even though she can't understand& she just smiles while I poor my heart out to her, it's important to me that she KNOWS how much I love her and how friggin awesome and beautiful she is.

That's all i wanted to do for you Amanda Marie Burrows (Mandy) was to love you like you needed make you smile each and every day and take good care of you.......