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Louisiana loud boom: Earsplitting boom shakes the ground. Sonic UFO, meteorite? | Alien UFO Sightings

Newly discovered space rock could explain booming life on Earth

Melting glacier revealing what? ## Not sure if this a genuine image, but sure does look very intriguing!!

– MAY BE A TRUTH, MAY BE LIES…(The Truth is Out There). Second part

UFO Pictures Released by NASA - Taken by American Astronauts

Alleged ufo ship near moon whilst Americans buzz around on their rover.


lucifelle: “A passenger on a plane from Hong Kong to southwest China’s Kunming city claims to have photographed a ‘UFO like flying object’ outside the window of the plane. Larry Siu said the picture.

Flying humanoid recorded by three different people

UFO fans believe the glowing spaceman could be part of a NASA plot

1978 UFO encounter.

Did you know that In 1978 Pilot Fredrick Valentich and his plane disappeared during a UFO encounter…

Huge UFO: Images Captured by SOHO, close to the Sun - March 1, 2015

An unusually gigantic UFO-like object was spotted near the sun on NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) This isn’t the first UFO seen orbiting the Sun but it’s certainly one of the most remarkable Unidentified Flying Objects.

ufo pictures taken by nasa

Many of us have seen once in a while something in the sky that we cannot explain. NASA Astronauts confirm that UFOs do exist. The UFO sightings .

Bizarre hovering ‘UFO’ lights are the ‘REAL DEAL’, claim alien chasers

Bizarre hovering 'UFO' lights are the 'REAL DEAL', claim alien chasers