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wendysnape: “Occamy: Newt is mine. Bowtruckle: (whisper) no, Newt is mine. Niffler: NOOOO!!!! NEWT AND ALL THESES JEWELRY ARE ALL MINNNNNEEEEE!!!!!! Newt: (/ω\)(/ω\)(/ω\)(/ω\)(/ω\) ————————— i should have started my final project, but now i only can...

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Study Tips from a College Senior

For all of my fellow students out there: how ya holding up? Over here, I’m up to my eye brows in final projects, essays, exams and presentations – thankfully this is my second to last s…

The Artsy Fartsy Art Room: Stylized Food Chains with 5th Grade

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My favorite fabric marking tools for sewing and quilting

bohin chalk pencil | ... finally, my favorite chalk marking tool is the Bohin Chalk Pencil


Wax Museum: Biography Research Report and Event

Love this event! Want to know how to put a Wax Museum together? Great post with step by step instructions.

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How to get rid of paint spills, splatters, and mistakes even after they've dried

OK, everyone. Im back. What a week Ive had! Heres a little recap of whats been going on: -Decided to finally go and set up my domain (.com) and be like a real grown-up blogger, took the most complicated route to do that possible and failed miserably.

The time has finally come to publish the pattern for my LARGE TOSNE SNOWFLAKE. As explained in the post for the Small Tosne Snowflake, Tøsne is the Danish term for the heavy, wet kind of snow that …

At the end of last week the dies that I had been absolutely desperate to get my hands on finally arrived.   They have been so hard to get ho...

"Whew" I said, cleaning my sweat off of my forehead. Its been four hours of training and I decided to go and take a shower. After taking a shower I heard Zelda call " Link, dinners ready". I sat down eating some steak and a glass of water while seeing my wife wash the dishes. Then we went to bed, but before I closed my eyes, I touched Zelda's hip as she touched my cheek and I told her " I love you" and kissed me, then whispered " I love you too" while I held her hand and fell asleep.