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It will happen... You just gotta go through the whole 7 Dwarfs, Poison Apple, Wicked Step-Mother, Pumpkin Chariot pulled by mice, Fairy God Mother, locked in the Tower thing(s) first before he finds you and rescues you.... or maybe you will rescue him

“The Princes”, a gift for my friend Maelikki whose birthday was celebrated yesterday. She likes the House of M AU. I imagine Dorrek and William reunite after three months, anxious to touch one another and they do it on the throne of Billy’s grandfather. Both of them hate him a lot. xD I hope you like!

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Gay Disney Art: Prince Philip and Prince Eric

Angel Of Mine by on @deviantART

Supernatural fanart by:<-- The picture makes me feel really sad, for some reason.

Looking at drawings of eyes, i like the cartoon style in which these are done, i think its important to get eyes right because it really captures a persons expression. More

DESTIEL <3 <3 <3 <3 Omg I love the idea of it but I don't know what I would do if it actually happened.

In a morning, the fic "The Colors Beneath His Skin", writen by the talented ardatli. I hope you like! ♥