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Find a Cat. Abraham Hicks 💎OR...MY SWEET 9 YEAR OLD dog who talks to me...i am blessed...😎

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Disneyland Facts: It's a Small World Great now I need to find it!!

I am grateful and happy for the overwhelming abundance I experience every day, in my life.  Abundance Affirmation by

This is me and my mom, my mom is paint, I am lost, I am called lost because my dad is missing, we think he is dead, he left fighting a stallion, the other stallion came back to take use, but we ran and ran, he won't find use any more, can you help find him? Or if he's dead let me and my mom know?

"After all, to what privilege do I owe your visit?" "We're leaving, now, either with or without you. But I can't stand one more minute of this damn town." So you in or you out? "In I guess. Where are we headed?" "If I knew I'd tell you. But I don't so I won't. Just grab your credit card, and some clothes, and some snacks for the road." "Your insane, have I ever told you that?" "As a matter of fact you have"

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Make Your Trip To The Scottish Borders Forever Memorable With These 5 Sights

Castle gate, Scotland…

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The Power of Light in La Sagrada Familia

This is so dramatic. I am in love with the colorful light cast from windows. Sagrada Familia - {Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain}


Beautiful Norway

I came across a page that has INCREDIBLE beautiful pictures of Norway. I could not believe how many nice places we have here in Norway, and that we do not take the chance to exploit it the same way...