Polymer Clay Color Recipe for Glistening Snow by KatersAcres | CLICK for more FREE polymer clay color recipes

Premo, Frost white Glitter, White and Pearl --> Glistening Snow ~ Polymer Clay Color Mix

Sculpey Souffle Pistachio and So 80's Recipe.  Get your Sculpey Souffle Clay at http://polyclayplay.com/shop/polymer-clay/ so get yours ordered and have fun mixing!

Soufflé Pistachio & So Color Recipe by Syndee Holt for Polyform

FREE Polymer Clay Sparkling Grape Color Recipe by KatersAcres

Recipe for Sparkling Grape by KatersAcres: 1 part navy + 2 parts pearl + 10 parts fuchsia

it's a clean machine: Color mixes for pastel beads.   (Try using oil paint to tint)  ~ Polymer Clay Tutorials

it's a clean machine: Color mixes for pastel beads polymer clay translucent beads

Mixing Colors  #PolymerClay

Copper & Purple Pearl polymer clay color recipe by Syndee Holt for Polyform

Polymer Clay Color Recipe  Metallic Ocean Blue Summertime is almost over, but it doesn't mean that you can't hold onto summer just a little bit longer. Here's one of my favorite blue color recipes to help you extend the summer into the fall months.     Summer almost over? Come ...

Make summer last with this polymer clay color recipe for a glistening metallic ocean blue. Color recipe and variations given for gorgeous blues.