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kimonosnack: GLOW 5th Anniversary : DRAWING FOR MAKING PORTRAITS BY ME///発売中のGLOW12月号では、創刊5周年記念GLOWな体験プレゼント企画に参加させていただきました。"お金で買えない貴重な体験をプレゼント"という事で、 私は1名様に似顔絵をプレゼントいたします。SNSアイコンにしたり使い道はいろいろ浮かびますね。みなさまからのご応募を楽しみにしております。締め切りは11月27日です。

Montreal-based artist Sandra Chevrier creates vibrant mixed media artworks by adding comic book collages to watercolored portraits. "Her work takes her traveling over a broad range of fluctuating emotional enigmas and concepts that have set the standard of our modern communication. Working in a home studio, Sandra produces her work at a full-time scale, aggressively pursuing a common thread until it is worn away, leaving her to begin on a new path. She exposes the limitations within ou...

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