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Super cropping marijuana - the short explanation. Do this to all main branches that are still bendy, before the flowering stage. In response, plant will grow a 'knot' that allows her to transport more water and nutrients. Marijuana plants react to super cropping by getting bushier and producing more bud sites. Full tutorial here:

the sea of green method. more plants faster but they'll be smaller. i prefer to veg for a larger yield. (marijuana cannabis)

Alnwick Garden - The Poison Garden has about 100 varieties of toxic plants, as well as cannabis and opium poppies. I'd like to see a list of what they have planted there. Considering the huge number of plants with poison parts I'm surprised they have only 100 or so there.

Healthy Cannabis Gummy Bears: using fruit puree & honey in gummies, a popular cannabis infused edible, makes your gummy bears a much healthier option to medicate with. This is my favorite recipe so far, but I still add my own twist. Don't be afraid to experiment & use agar-agar instead of gelatin if you'd like to decrease the amount of animal products you're eating or are vegetarian/vegan.