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WIP of a Mother's Day thing I'm making...guess who finally remembered blending options are a thing you can do on Photoshop? And that blending options do a lot of cool shit?

Yay! I finally motivated myself enough to work on my next gen. Here is Callie (I know it's sad) remembering her upsetting past. :(

Strawberry Cream! Some of you may remember her old look, but she has been changed. This is her final style.

Made a persona finally ^^; this is Praise.... Uh yea, you should remember that angel I drew awhile back maybe xD I'm making that my persona :D this is literally me irl as an angel xD hahah, anyways... I'm changing my profile name to Praise... Sorry about the change again ^^; I hope you like her! Drawing and oc by @Sil3ntHarmony

Hey everyone! Wow it's been forever since I've posted here...Wait, what do you mean "Who are you?" Don't you remember me? Nah, jk, i hope I'm not too much of a stranger anymore. I have been super unartistic recently. But now I think I'm finally back at it! Been trying some different things and hoping it worked. I think I finally found a way to draw that is both fun and not horribly time consuming. Hope to be around here more often now! :)

{book} Jellyfish & Grief & Marvelous Writing

The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin Little, Brown & Co., 2015 Advanced Reader’s Copy thanks to Publisher & NetGalley in exchange for a fair/honest review. After her best friend dies i...

OKAY-So since I'm a super forgetful little bloob, and since I deactivated the other account, I don't remember which OCs you guys wanted in the comic, because I'm finally starting to finish everything and/or start things, sooo- Sometime soon is probably a good time to figure out which OC(s) you want in this thing, cause I need a reminder, but you can change it if you want a different OC in it. I was allowing 1-3 OCs per person? It's your choice though- Anyways- Sorry- •- •'

When U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon in July of 1969, he and his comrades had television cameras with them. This is a shot of the first human footprint on the Moon, which will remain there for millions of years. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin took this photograph that astounded the world.