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Explore Water Roatan, West Bay and more!

Skagen, Denmark where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea meet. Due to the very different water densities and chemical differences those two don’t fancy mingling or mixing. As a result they create the most amazing phenomenon of two bodies of water side by side that crash against each other.

WATCH: The Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s (Affordable) Geothermal Spa Paradise

Layovers are usually pretty rank. But not if you're in Iceland, where the magical Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is worth a trip outside the airport.

Honduras & the Bay Islands travel guide. << Whether you want to dive into the deep blue off the coast of the Bay Islands, explore the forests and cobblestoned coffee towns of La Ruta Lenca or tramp around the ancient Mayan temples of Copán, this 2nd edition gives you all you need to enjoy the best of Honduras.