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Explore these ideas and much more!’s Word of the Day - sniglet - any word coined for something that has no specific name.

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Actually i am pretty sure this word means a non magical person born to magical parents. Anybody else? Anybody?’s Word of the Day - redintegrate - to make whole again; restore to a perfect state; renew; reestablish.

malinger (məˈlɪŋɡə) vb 1. (intr) to pretend or exaggerate illness, esp to avoid work [C19: from French malingre sickly, perhaps from mal badly + Old French haingre feeble] maˈlingerer n’s Word of the Day - gormless - Chiefly British Informal. lacking in vitality or intelligence’s Word of the Day - sobriquet - a nickname.

Deipnosophist: a person who is an adept conversationalist at the table

This is the correct definition, but it is not what I thought the word meant.