Hairmake Enchante 2013 - Nakasai Architects. By image owner seemed have, interior and exterior of the building was based on white. The Age to the material, The use of a white texture, such as brick and cedar board was operating processing was provided, was added and calm personality points of this beauty salon would be cut space than anything else. It has a large opening made of wooden sash to capture fully stable light. - at Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

House In Hori 2013 - Nakasai Architects. Site that has a distorted form in the areas where housing is dense, has existed in the manner of the margin of this area.Field once, Koi ..., not been used for many years as residential land is the old days, handle this margin in a residential four-way I can see the window placement is highly recommended that. - at Hori, Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

House In Gankaiji / Nakasai Architects © Syouichi Uchiyama

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