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Surreality - 26 tracks including Beck, Sigur Rós, and Moby

Cañon de Río Claro (Cololmbia). 'A majestic canyon carved in marble, the Reserva Natural Cañon de Río Claro is one of Colombia’s top natural destinations and it lies just 2km off the main Bogotá–Medellín highway. Through the middle of the reserve runs a crystal-clear river, which forms numerous swimming holes. Fly along a zipline over the river, explore bat-filled caves or go rafting.'

Trek to Ciudad Perdida (Colombia). 'The trip to Ciudad Perdida is a thrilling jungle walk through some of the country’s most majestic tropical scenery and has become renowned as one of Colombia’s best multiday hikes. Surging rivers pump faster than your pulse can keep pace as you ford them, waist deep, and balance the quiet beauty of the Sierra Nevada.'

LET US BE CASUAL...soothing music