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Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight | Columbia University Press

Supply chains in fashion and other industries worldwide have become incredibly convoluted and subcontracting is rampant. This creates opportunity for brokers to insert themselves into the chain and ch

95% of women involved in prostitution report sexual abuse as a child at the same time, 1 in 3 women have been abused

Human Trafficking Awareness Month ends in two weeks, but the fight to end it will extend well beyond January. Let's continue to raise awareness and challenge the myths that surround human trafficking.

Trafficking awareness is important, for you and for your family members. Watch for signs, teach your children the signs. Let's keep our families safe from this disgusting crime. #NotForSale #DamselinDefense #StunGunJen

Human trafficking: How US states fare

Human Trafficking In The United States | ... looks at the laws US states use to protect victims of trafficking

Yes, it is in your own backyard. Do NOT turn a blind eye to the injustice around you. Keep alert and report any tips to the human trafficking hotline: 1-888-3737-888

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month