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1x19 Provenance Dean was damn good in this one... consenting adults and the small head bob... I loved it

Dean, you break my heart, darling. You're so much more than your "job".

Dean Winchester. He's just so hot. Jensen Ackles.

Young Dean Winchester || omg my heart look how much hope he had in his eyes you look at him presently and all that hope that was there before is just completely gone

Poor Dean was watching the finale with my dead and Sam said it feels like they were finally going to win and I was just like no, they will never win

And that he didn’t need to blame himself all the time. | 23 Times Dean Winchester Broke Your Damn Heart

Supernatural gif - Dean Winchester<<this made me feel 600% about…

If I can't have Tom Hiddleston or Michael Fassbender I'd gladly settle for this man. This wonderfully scruffy, snarky man.


17 Dirty Supernatural Memes That You'll Never be Able to Forget

Aww look at castiels face in the last one hes all like its okay ive looked at your s to