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Giving back to America by Charles Myrick of American Consultants Rx-http://www.acrx.org .

Giving back to America by Charles Myrick of American Consultants Rx-http://www.acrx.org .

The Langtang region being rich in wide variety of flora and fauna offers the multiple of trekking destinations. The three major trekking destinations in the Langtang region are Langtang trek, Helambu trek and Gosaikunda Trek. Langtang region was designated as the Nepal’s first Himalayan National park in the year 1971.

The "miracle" of baking soda and peroxide. Put cup of baking soda in a bowl.add enough peroxide to make a paste.

If you look to the changes in food, and also to the drugs and chemicals which are prescribed, and even to those things which are sprayed in the air; much of their effect is to cause man to become more amenable. This is intended to make you ready or willing to yield to those in power.

Your silence gives consent. Stand up for what you believe in, don't expect others to speak up with your best interests in mind. If you don't know what those are, or you don't value them enough to speak them aloud, how will they?

The attitude of "It's not my problem until it happens to me" is the way of self-centered cowards.

Unsurprisingly, not much about this from the squatter in the White House, either.

Parallax ‘Art’ Fair opening at the Prince George in New York May 11-12, 2013 » New Yorkled State of Mind

New York Theatre Workshop To Present Fetch Clay, Make Man Written By Will Power Directed By Des Mcanuff Performances Begin Friday, August 23 Opening Night Set For Thursday, September 12 Tick.

Rosa Parks changed the world because she didn’t give up her seat and would not get off of the bus, she went to jail. She kind of showed them that white people and black people were equal with some of the help of Martin Luther King Jr. She was called “the mother of the modern day civil rights movement, ”

Rosa Parks,Honoured only years later. Was a civil rights activist who refused to give her seat away to a white passenger on a 'coloured' section of the bus. Her act and the Montgomery bus boycott are important events to the civil rights movement.

52 Random Acts of Kindness via Positively Smitten

52 Random Acts of Kindness via Positively Smitten.the smallest acts of kindness can change someone's whole day, and maybe even their life

I just read an article on sports. It wasn't until 2nd paragraph I realized it was about Cricket. April 4, 2010- MLB opening night game...long ways away.

The Sports Matrix: Tuesday 7 February 2012

Germany warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi - Green Living - Environment - The Independent

Yes they did and they are still controlling the world this way. Imagine what our world would be if Tesla had been allowed to flourish. So sad.

JP Morgan and other bankers first backed Tesla, but effectively they were only seeking to control him. When they found out he was planning to give the world FREE ENERGY as a gift, they silenced Tesla using the newspapers they controlled.