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This whole thing kills me. He's so old and carries so much capacity to love and his two hearts have been broken more times than any one person should have to bear. He knows deep down that even his greatest efforts won't fix this, won't prevent the inevitable from happening, but he can't bear to not try. You can hear the pain and desperation and despair in his voice and see it in his eyes. This grumpy old man who doesn't like hugs and doesn't understand humans is broken beyond belief and no…

I like how he doesn't even have to say the name. We all just know. Anyways... It probably comes off.

Because the omniscient and moral god of the bible works best with visual aids when killing children.

It's a strange thought, out of the blue. Of all the men i've killed, and I have killed beyond count, i've never considered such a thing. But suddenly, it seems to have immeasurable importance.