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The Argus A, made in the US between 1936 and 1941.

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Working Camera, Argus Model M, Art Deco Camera

Working Camera Argus Model M Art Deco Camera by FalconandFinch, $50.00

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Vintage ARGUS C3 - 35mm Rangefinder Camera - Working

ARGUS C3 35mm #vintage #camera

Argus C3 Matchmatic, made in the USA. It was a low-priced rangefinder camera mass-produced from 1939 to 1966 by Argus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. The camera sold about 2 million units, making it one of the most popular cameras in history. Due to its shape, size, and weight, it is commonly referred to as “The Brick” by photographers (in Japan its nickname translates as “The Lunchbox”).

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Vintage 1950s Argus A-Four 35mm viewfinder camera with flash attachment and leather case

I have zero talent, as far as photography is concerned, but have always had a thing for vintage cameras. Go figure.

Haneel Tri-Vision, viewers and cameras were produced in Los Angeles, USA around 1946. The camera used Eastman 828 roll film and took 12 exposures. When new it sold for $28.85

Kunik Mickey Mouse, made in Germany, 1958. These where sold with a large cardboard Micky Mouse that ‘held’ the camera. The short production run was possibly due to them not actually being sanctioned by the Disney Corporation

Bell and Howell Stereo Vivid, made in the USA, 1954. Long before the recent spate of “3D” cameras stereo-vision equipment like this was being used by enthusiasts in many countries across the western world. The Bell & Howell Company started life back in 1907, they specialised in making projectors and 35mm film cameras but they dabbled in many other areas – even building and selling black-cased Apple II computers under license in the late 1970s.