The Walking Dead

Art by me,Caryl fan art. only the ship Caryl. Carol Peletier is Queen. Daryl Dixon is king.


“ Melissa McBride & Michael Cudlitz - WscLondon, 2016 - Her hugs seem to have a powerful effect on people, you can’t resist them and make your heart melt.

So cute!!

Andrew Lincoln And Norman Reedus Bromance Photo Gallery: 'The Walking Dead' Actors Celebrate Their Manly Love For Rick Grimes And Daryl Dixon Shippers : Photos : KpopStarz

"I had a three year old son, and he happened to find me extremely funny." "Andre, his name was Andre Anthony" Michonne

"I had a three years old son. His name was Andre Anthony. And he happened to find me funny." Michonne to Carl in Season 4

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - Norman Reedus

Actually he was a familiar. Pretending to be a vampire slayer helping blade. But he was on the vamps side the whole time.

Funny pictures about Experienced in all fields. Oh, and cool pics about Experienced in all fields. Also, Experienced in all fields.


so Mcreedus striked again, after a lot of time.

The Walking Dead

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Daryl Dixon. TWD Season 4

Daryl: It's like a damn romance novel Carol: Sorry Pooky - TWD