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25 Deep Quotes that make you Think

25 Deep Quotes that make you Think #Deep #Quotes

This makes me think off all the times I was with you . All the times in the car when you'd hold my hand . Give me that look . The nights id come home from work & just lay with you ... Listening to your stories . The morning touches & kisses . It was as if it were only you & I & nothing else was even worth remembering !

because maybe they're just empty, until the right person comes along // ernest hemmingway

And then I always thought the words, and then, were a prelude to something wonderful. Like seeing a ship come in or finding a note in your letterbox when you weren't expecting one.That swift, surprising transition from nothing to everything. And then Two little words that hold a world of promise. And then the light pierced through the dark, forbidding sky, and the rain stopping falling. And then I met you.

I've had 4 drinks in the last hour. All with a splash of coke. I am drunk and I'm restless to see some kind of pat from you tonight that sheds a spec of hope on us. The truth is I can't tell you how long I've thought this, but I've thought of you as my wife. I've referred to you as my wife several times. That's just how I feel. Maybe cuz I pictured spending the rest of my life with you.

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Maya Angelou Love Quote Hand Typed on Typewriter

; )

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every atom came from a star - Google Search

So true. I write poetry and I definitely don't share it with most people because it comes from an intimate part of my soul...

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War [26/365] - excerpt from a book i'll never write - cynthia go, prose, poetry, love, writing, quotes, prose poetry, tumblr