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What happens after the 21 Day Fix?

What happens after the 21 Day Fix? It's no secret that I loved the 21 Day Fix as a sort of "reset" for the way I ate... but what happens after the 21 Day Fix is over? Do you go back to your old ways, commit to another round, or try to maintain a new way o

The Secret Door by Angie Latham Inspired like a lot of my work, by the book The Secret Garden. I am facinated by the notion of secret doors which may lead to magical experiences or new adventures.

Want to join me in becoming a minimalist? Start with baby steps and purge things you no longer need and stop buying stuff that are not necessities. Save your money for rainy days, retirement, buying a house, or traveling. Get your free intro EBooklets: and get invited to our private FB group for support & tips w/ fellow minimalists

10 things men find unattractive in women You could be a 10 out of 10, but as soon as I see a cigarette in your hand, youre immediately unattractive.

I still think some newer campers wouldn't know because at first sight they'd think oh the son of Apollo and the son of Hades can't even be friends too opposite but then older campers might have an idea, but I'm more for having secret relationship aus being secret and not having everyone know all the time