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Boys are napping pot roast is in the oven Justins working on his drone video footage and Im forcing myself to sit by the fire and rest on this day we call Sabbath I could probably be better about that in general Also tonight is girls night waffle dessert pajama party and Im so excited NO WAFFLE EMOJI

Iron Portal: When Iron Man Meets Portal, future, cyberpunk, futuristic, robot, armor, helmet, sci-fi

Gears of War POP! Vinyls #funko #game #gearsofwar #popvinyl

Детёныш кита играет со своей мамой Источник: © В мире чудес

Inspired Grasping For Quadrotor Micro Aerial Vehicles. A new flying drone developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania could one day be used to snatch humans off the street. Justin Thomas and his colleagues at the GRASP Lab have produced an "avian inspired" claw drone that mimics the way an eagle uses its talons to grab a fish out of the ocean. A video clip of the drone shows the UAV swooping down at high speed to snatch an object using its 3D printed mechanical claw.

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Incredible Iceland Drone Video That Will Give You Instant Wanderlust

Iceland from above - Incredible Iceland drone video that will give you instant wanderlust. Aerial drone video and photos of rugged and untouched landscapes.

A flying delivery drone is carrying a package across a vast ravaged landscape. Made as the opening film to the 2016 Ciclope Festival Awards. The film was premiered in Kino International in Berlin with a Live choir on stage. Making of at Written and Directed by Bjørn-Erik Aschim Co Directed by Max Taylor Production company : Friends Electric Executive Producer Alex Webster Producers: Dom Thomson-Talbot, Alex...