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Stuck & In A Rut? I was too.... When Things Change...Including Your Focus - The Cassie Brown Project

I know I am loveable, jovial and such, BUT I have my limits. And THIS is one of them. WHEN did grown women start putting their hands in each other’s head? I have to ask because I’ve been violated twice in less than 3 weeks by two different women. | The Cassie Brown ProjectThe Cassie Brown Project

Blogalicious #BeGreatB6 - The Cassie Brown Project Recap - The Cassie Brown Project Hands down one of the best business conferences I've attended in a while! Check it out at

Being single has it's perks & all buuuut for some of us the holidays bring on certain emotions! Here's my take on surviving & enjoying the season! 4 Ways to "Survive" Being Single for the Holidays - The Cassie Brown Project