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The King Of Comedy star Sandra Bernhard ranked on Comedy Central’s Top 100 stand-ups of all time, and did a pictorial for Playboy magazine in 1992.

How To Be A Trans Ally SOME WAYS TO BE A GOOD TRANS ALLY… •    Don’t ever out a transperson. This is dangerous to their safety & can invalidate their identity.  Likewise, be aware of your surroundings when discussing trans issues with a transperson. For their safety & comfort, they may prefer not to discuss these topics in public places or among strangers.•    Always

so very very true and its true even with guys it scares some of them for change is scary when you are the type who live life in a comfort zone type of life but if you want to be really happy you have to step out of it and go for who makes you smile again

This is one positive message that students around Texas State are exposed to with frequency. This is due in part to the TXST Allies program. -GP