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The latest Tweets from Chiara Giaccardi (@GiaccardiChiara). Prof. of Media Sociology and Anthropology, happy wife, mum of I live with strangers, I dwell in possibility

{Open, Marcus} I open up the old piano's cover and sit down. I close my eyes and imagine myself playing. My fingers dancing across the keyboard Em, G, D, C, Em, G... I start playing. When I finish you say....


I sit down and sigh, it's raining outside so I can't go out there, piano seems to be my only infinity other than the outdoors. I began the song, my fingers fly over the keys soft as air, before I know it the songs over. I hear clapping behind me (open RP)

Along with the music I poured out my soul. I had no second chance, but I had forever to prove them wrong: there is good in me. So, I put all my purity and gentleness into my hands and played the softest tune there had ever been.